Thursday, January 30, 2014

E90 328i + Bolt On's & Tune - Excellent Daily Driver

This great video put together by the guys at Mod Bargains shows what can be done to a 328 with the N52 inline six. I get a lot of people asking me what a good performance car is for someone new to the German import scene and the E90 328 is almost always what I recommend. I think enthusiasts sometimes skip straight to the 335 without even considering its non-turbo brother. The naturally aspirated inline six provides a satisfying power band, and it is without question a dynamic and engaging car to drive. Without the added complexity of a turbo setup it is also more reliable and is slightly lighter as well. I think it makes the perfect car for someone that needs something that will be reliable as possible. The chip from Burger Motorsports and the BMW performance exhaust really wake up this car without destroying its character. I haven't had the opportunity to hear a BMW performance exhaust on a 328 but it sounds absolutely stunning in this video.

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