Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cars & Coffee Toronto - July 2014

Cars & Coffee is a great opportunity to get out on a Sunday morning in Toronto and meet other car enthusiast and see some very cool cars. I just posted some of the highlights from the July meet. Engineered Automotive always hosts a great event with tons of space and always a few special shop cars. Be sure to leave your envy at home because the turn out is absolutely ridiculous! My favourite thing from these meets is the diversity in the cars that turn up, domestic, import, classic, tuners and everything in between. This is a car event not to be missed.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Arc Angel H8 Bulb Review

Changing a day time running bulb isn't really a big deal in an E90, get a new bulb or pair and pop open the access port and your back in business. I thought it would be a great opportunity to experiment a little; I already knew the dealership would be expensive, and at $90 for a pair I was not disappointed. I then promptly checked my favorite online retailer and was ready to pull the trigger on a set of OEM H8 daytime running bulbs when I remembered I had seen some very inexpensive "upgrade" bulbs. I spotted them on Burger Motorsports and at $30 for a pair with free shipping I figured what could I lose. They additionally promised a longer life and more importantly a whiter light, something that I always hated about the stock bulbs. You have a beautiful set of stock HIDs and these yellow as a mo******** running lights, it never made any sense to me. Now I played with the idea of going LED but never thought it was worth the effort.

The bulbs did teak a while to get to me but given the shipping cost I'm not going to complain; they arrived in perfect condition with attractive packaging.

Installing the bulbs was exactly the same as installing any other H8 bulb and takes about 30 minutes on your first time especially given the small opening to get the bulb in and out from. 

The end result is fantastic, absolutely as promised by Arc Angel - the halo's are noticeably whiter. If you are expecting blue white light as you would get from LEDs you will be disappointed, but if you are like me looking for something to clean up the color inconsistency and sharpen up the lighting color these bulbs are perfect. I have had mine installed since April 2014 with no problems to report of as of the date of this post (I will update as necessary). 

Given my current lack of access to a high quality DSLR I am going to use the comparison pictures from the manufacturer's website. My experience is very consistent with the comparison pictures posted below from BMS. 

For $30 USD (with free shipping) I have absolutely no hesitation recommending these bulbs to every E90 owner who is looking for an easy DIY appearance improvement or to anyone that just needs replacement bulbs.  

Stock vs. Arc Angel